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Quickbooks Hosting

If you're looking for a hosting provider for your Quickbooks, look no further than my quickbooks host. My quickbooks host provides great hosting at an affordable price to small business owners, and it's super reliable. With our affordable quickbooks hosting you can get instant access to your QB data anytime, anywhere without worrying about security risks.

Spend less time on tech troubleshooting

We offer our customers the robust team with 99.9% uptime and world class tech support, so you can focus on what really matters.

Multiple Users

Do you need to work with multiple users? No problem! You can invite as many people as you need to work on a single file simultaneously with the same permissions you set up for yourself or a different one.

Easy to use

Our service is designed to be simple and easy to understand. With no experience or training required, you can get started in minutes with your first file.


We're a reliable provider of QuickBooks hosting services with competitive prices and a 99% uptime guarantee. You can depend on us for uninterrupted, smooth operations.

Work Anywhere You Are

Work from wherever you are! We offer 24x7 live chat support and our easy-to-use intuitive remote interface makes getting started a breeze. Plus, with work simultaneously in same file capabilities, you can collaborate in real time on big projects together.

Money Back Guarantee

Not happy? We'll refund your money! With my quickbooks host, you never have to worry about getting stuck with an unsatisfactory service or paying too much for it! If you're not 100% satisfied with our services you can cancel within 30 days after signing up, we'll refund every penny - guaranteed


Quickbooks Hosting: 50% off on first three months, starts from $19 per user per month.

A smooth and secure QuickBooks hosting experience

My quickbooks host offers the smoothest and most secure quickbooks desktop hosting. We offer a range of options to meet your need, whether you're an accountant, a non-profit organization, or a small business. Here are some of the benefits:

Unlimited storage, bandwidth, and number of users

We have a robust infrastructure that meets the requirements of organizations with large data needs. We also provide unlimited storage and bandwidth so that your company can grow without worrying about increasing your bill every month.

QuickBooks Desktop Hosting for Accountant

My quickbooks host offers an easy-to-use interface for accountants which allows them to remotely access their clients' QuickBooks data on their own time, from any location in the world. This saves clients time on their end by not having to travel to the accountant's office or waiting around on hold while accessing their information.

QuickBooks Hosting for Non Profit Organization

QuickBooks desktop is a popular program among nonprofits, and hosting your QuickBooks desktop is a way to offer support to the software. Nonprofits organizations who use QuickBooks, and who want to host their QuickBooks in the cloud with us, can do so at a low cost. Contact or sales today for discounts.

Worried About Total Cost?

No matter how many users or what size company you are, we have a hosting solution that will meet your needs. We offer the most affordable prices for QuickBooks desktop hosting in the industry, with no setup fees or hidden costs. Contact sales team to get started today! OR start with a free test drive here.



Support team




Host your quickbooks desktop accounting software with a company that cares.


How QuickBooks Hosting Works?


Sign up

Select the plan and sign up. Provide us the QB license details to install the application on the cloud server.


Server Setup

We start creating a cloud server for you, it can take some time, details will be shared with you by support team.


Remote login

Login to the server using credentials provided by our team and you are ready to go.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is QuickBooks hosting?

QuickBooks hosting is a cloud-hosted service for QuickBooks. QuickBooks hosting allows users to access their desktop version of QuickBooks from anywhere in the world where they have an internet connection. This means you can use QuickBooks, even if the company's servers are unavailable to you.

What are the benefits of using Quickbooks Hosting?

Quickbooks Hosting is often the best option for small business owners who require a high level of security, reliability, and quality. This is because hosting your Quickbooks online provides you with the following benefits:

  1. You can access your data from anywhere in the world by logging in to your account
  2. Your data remains safe and secure as it's hosted on a server run by professionals who protect it against any risks of hacking or theft
  3. You don't need to worry about keeping backups of your data since they will be automatically backed up for you
  4. You can access your information at anytime and from anywhere

How does Quickbooks Hosting work?

QuickBooks Hosting is a service that allows you to access your company file from anywhere. This means that you can get access to your account from any device, without having to worry about losing important data. In the hosting environment the QuickBooks software and company files are stored and operated on the service provider’s server and end user access the software and the files remotely from anywhere. In the past, accessing your company file required you to be in a specific location. You either had to go back and forth to the office or carry a laptop with you everywhere you go. QuickBooks Hosting changes all of this by making it possible for users to access files from anywhere in the world.

Users have an easier time maintaining their work-life balance because they don't need to be tethered to their office all the time. It also makes it possible for people who work remotely or in different locations than their accounting firm's offices, such as traveling salespeople and business with multi location operation.

Is Quickbooks Hosting a monthly fee or is there a one time payment?

QuickBooks hosting is not a one time payment it a reoccurring base on the users connivance. We at MyQBOOKSHOST offer both monthly and annual plans for quickbooks hosting.

What are the features of Quickbooks Hosting?

QuickBooks hosting is a fast and secure way to store your company’s data in the cloud. Hosting simplifies QuickBooks data entry, data backups, remote access, and other features to make managing your business easier. Some of the features of QuickBooks Hosting are:

Simplified Data Entry

Unlimited Company File Storage

Remote Access

Enhanced Security

What are the differences between QB hosting and QuickBooks online/cloud ?

QB hosting provides all the features of QuickBooks desktop without the need to install it on your computer. This feature is useful for when you want to use QuickBooks in places where there is not enough space or when you want to share QuickBooks with multiple people.

While QuickBooks cloud is a web based version of QB if you want to access your data from various devices, like your laptop, tablet, and phone. The good thing about this is that you don't need to install any software on the device. But it is not as feature rich as desktop version of QuickBooks.

Is QuickBooks hosting for me?

QuickBooks hosting is for small to medium sized businesses who want to grow without the cost of hiring in-home IT professionals. The QuickBooks hosting service is a monthly subscription service that gives you access to the hosted version of your QuickBooks software, with no software installation or upgrades needed. You can access your data from anywhere, anytime with an internet connection.

In addition, the hosted service includes extra features such as unlimited users (prices are based on the number of users) and payroll processing.

QuickBooks hosting can be a great solution for your business if you're looking for a low cost and hassle-free way to get started with Quickbooks or if you just don't have time or resources to manage things internally.

How much does quickbooks hosting cost?

The price of QuickBooks hosting varies person depending on the plan you choose (monthly or annual). However, monthly plans are more expensive but you definitely get discounts when you pay upfront.

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